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My name is Ciara (sounds like keer-rah) and I am a freelance surface pattern designer, illustrator and small business owner based in Bristol (UK). 


A little get to know me:


I studied Surface Pattern Design at Swansea College of Art where I achieved a First Class BaHons and First Class Masters of Design in Surface Pattern Design with a specialism in print making. I absolutely loved it there. After uni I moved to London for a while and worked as a print designer for Monsoon Accessorize designing stationery, lifestyle products, kids swimwear, bags, accessories all sorts! From here I moved to Bristol to be closer to family and friends, working for a small independent stationery brand. After a while I decided I wanted to take the plunge and go self employed. I wanted more diversity in my work and the projects I was involved in, and the freedom to work wherever I wanted with brands of my choice. It was an amazing few years and I learned alot about myself as a creative. Then, when I was in full swing with a dreamy regular client list full of sustainable and ethical brands big and small, the dreaded C word hit us all and just like that, it was all gone. There was no work, design companies were furloughed and freelancers not needed. But this was my chance to start a brand of my own, and I did it, after months of research, online training, advise seeking I got here and there's no place I'd rather be. I now work part time on The Tiny Toucan, as well as new ventures such as children’s book illustration and select client work. 



For general enquiries, full portfolio access, licensing or commission requests please email and I would be more than happy to help.

Thank you, 

Ciara :)



A selection of previous clients include:

Accessorize, Debenhams, Hallmark, Clinton Cards, Moonpig, TJ Maxx, S’well, Tommy Hilfiger, Belk, Bianca Interiors, Flossy and Boo Theatre, Very, F&F Clothing