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My name is Ciara (sounds like keer-rah) and I am the one-woman band here at the tiny toucan! I’m a print designer and illustrator based in colourful Bristol (UK), and love nothing more than drawing cute little animals and fun characters. 

Check out my Etsy store, here you can find art prints and fun stationery, and also commission portraits! 


I also design patterns and placement illustrations for childrenswear, interiors and lifestyle brands. Feel free to send me an email if you’re interested in this service and would like access to my full portfolio.  

If you are interested in licensing artwork, please get in touch at and I can send you a catalogue of currently available artwork. 

You can also follow me over on Instagram, where I frequently post updates, behind the scenes, new products and lots of colourful fun things! 

Thank you! 



A selection of my previous design clients include: